TABULA  - ´Tabula´ vom Namen, aber von Natur aus ein Tisch!


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Collection designed by: Roberto Barazzuol and Cristian Roberto Malisan come from different design experiences but they share the same passion for the history of design and visual arts. In 2010, they create together a workshop of research, art direction, corporate identity, exhibition and product design. Beware of contemporary languages and attracted by the evocative parts of the product, they offer themselves with a "tailored" mentality approach to business with whom they work, dealing with product and graphic but also image, fabrics, fittings and all that can be imagined and designed.


Kamintisch TABULA
- Stahlblech, pulverbeschichtet
- weiß oder dunkelgrau lackiert
- H47 x B50 x T35 cm
- 10,5 kg

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